Field service is an indispensable part of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions offered by BioBee Integrated Crop Solutions. The heart of this program is the highly trained technical team that supervises the timely applications of natural enemies according to the supervised frequent monitoring of the pests and biological control agents. Successful IPM plant protection program is achieved through correct implementation of this program.

BioBee’s staff is extensively trained in the IPM method, and works directly with growers to produce a tailor-made IPM program to meet his or her individual needs. This customized program is successfully implemented with the ongoing oversight and guidance of BioBee’s staff.

BioBee’s local field service team enjoys the full support of senior staff members from Israel, receiving weekly guidance and participating in training sessions on a regular basis.

BioBee’s approach to IPM is multifaceted, employing multiple strategies to achieve the optimal result. In addition to the gradual release of host-specific natural enemies, BioBee recommends that growers use selective “non-harmful” chemical pesticides when needed. This strategy helps growers transition from using “harsh” chemicals, which are dangerous to the human population and the environment and have long-lasting residues.

BioBee’s services are founded on the belief that imparting professional knowledge and instruction is necessary for providing truly comprehensive and economical IPM solutions