BioBee Integrated Crop Solutions assist South African farmers in growing quality fruits, vegetables and flowers that are free of chemical residues. BioBee’s products, which reduce the use of pesticides for both conventional and bio-organic agriculture, are an indispensable element in a successful Integrated Pest Management program (IPM).

The South African market, encompassing varied crops such as citrus fruits, grapes, vegetables and flowers, is ideally suited to benefit from the services of BioBee Integrated Crop Solutions (Pty) ltd. Implementing BioBee’s programs allows growers to obtain a higher crop yield and quality, and in turn increases profit. More substantially, BioBee’s products significantly reduce the use of pesticides, creating opportunity for exportation to countries that adhere to Global GAP and Supermarket MRLs requirements on both local and export markets.

The offices of BioBee Integrated Crop Solutions were opened for commercial activity at the end of several years of extensive field trials for the control of Mealybugs in citrus and grape farms in the Western and Eastern Cape. The trials were conducted in conjunction with the Citrus Research International (CRI) and BioBee’s local distributor at the time. A critical result of these trials was the discovery that the parasitic wasp Anagyrus pseudococci (BioAnagyrus) is highly valuable as a mealybug control agent in South Africa, reducing infestation levels of both the citrus mealybug (Planococcus citri) and vine mealybug (Planococcus ficus). It also increases the percentage of marketable yields of both citrus fruits and grapes. BioAnagyrus is one of several components of the comprehensive IPM solution that BioBee offers South African growers.

BioBee Integrated Crop Solutions is currently providing IPS solutions to farms in the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape, Limpopo Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, and other areas.

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